Greening Initiatives

The entertainment and events industry has been in the spotlight for its creative use of resources and its overall impact on the environment. At Onstage Systems, we want to help you create an amazing event that everyone will love, and we want to do it with as little impact to the environment as we can. Here are some of the practices we’ve adopted to help:

  • All paint we use inside buildings and on cases and speaker enclosures is non-VOC paint.

  • We recycle all paper, cardboard, plastics (number 1-5 and 7), aluminum and glass at our warehouse in Dallas, Texas.

  • We melt down any metal from equipment that becomes unusable, finding ways of it instead to reuse it and keeping it away from landfills.

  • We utilize and invest in LED technology in lighting and video, offsetting extreme power needs for many of our events.

  • We work with clients to help them pick the best power method for their outdoor events.

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