Equipment/ Services

Looking for the right company to put together your event? Our technical production experts can help you produce your event exactly the way you envisioned it. Working with Onstage Systems is a true partnership; we are as committed to the success of your event as you are. 

Our Services

Whatever you have in mind for your event, we have the people and the equipment that can help you make it a reality. Our staff includes seasoned site coordinators, production managers, sound technicians, lighting designers, electricians, camera operators, projectionists, stewards, stage hands and other essential roles that will ensure your event unfolds smoothly. With our logistics expertise and our “show must go on” attitude, we can assure you that your event will be one to remember. Visit our Technical Services and Design pages for a complete menu of the services we offer.

Our Equipment

When it comes to putting together a great show, the right equipment is essential. As equipment becomes more complex and specialized, it’s become more important for production managers and designers to have access to specific brands and models to put on the show their audience demands. At Onstage Systems we take great pride in having the latest and best in equipment, from lighting, audio and video to staging/rooftops, special effects and backline equipment. Visit the equipment pages for a full list, or contact us to learn more.

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